Thursday, February 22, 2007

10 Beasts......

In January of 2007, Fantagraphics released Beasts!, a collection of mythological creatures illustrated by about a hundred of the most acclaimed artists and cartoonists from the most avant-garde gambits of the art world. The collection, created and edited by Jacob Covey, was inspired by creatures that were thought at one time to actually exist.
"Beasts! collects many of the best visual artists from the worlds of comics, skateboarding, rock graphics, science-fiction, children's books, commercial and fine art. The book is conceived and designed by Jacob Covey, art director for Fantagraphics (Dennis the Menace, Billy Hazelnuts, Popeye, etc.) and a well-regarded designer and artist in his own right in the Northwest rock and arts community."
As an accompaniment to the book's release, Jacob Covey and Tiny Showcase have worked with a small selection of Beasts! artists to create: 10 Beasts! a collection of original letterpress artwork.
Limted to a run of one hundred, each image in the editioned box set was created by a Beasts! contributor spefically for the set and pressed by letterpress artist Dan Wood. The print collection is housed in a hand-crafted portfolio box created by If'n Books + Marks with a two-color glow-in-the-dark jacket design by Beasts! designer Jacob Covey.
Artists involved are:
Meg Hunt
Souther Salazar
S. britt
Jesse LeDoux
Saelee Oh
Josh Cochran
Kenneth Lavallee
Tony Millionaire
Keith Andrew Shore
Jordan Crane

Check it out at: Tiny Showcase

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