Sunday, February 25, 2007

Banksy aint God ,or When Did Wooster lose the plot

I am a fan of the street art of Banksy, a Bristol artist who has been doing some meaningful street artwork across the globe. In the past couple of years though his popularity has skyrocketed through his high profile art pranks. He pranked everybodys most hated Celebutante Paris Hilton, removing her cd from stores and replacing them with his reworked version. He Put a Gitmo detainee in the Magic kingdom.He hung his work in some of the worlds finest museums and filmed himself doing it. And his greatest prank to date, well he sold art to Brangelina. Now all of this is good and fine but the suckers at Wooster seem to have bought the hype and are now creditingBanksy with the global art boom that has inflated the prices of almost every artists work who has been seen in magazines like Juxtapoz or Swindle. Seriously... How are you gonna discount the Hard work that these artists put in, the years of dedication, and give all the credit to a prank. It's an impressive prank but all the same Banksy is pulling a huge joke on the greedy auctioneers who are profiteering and the folk who hate art but smell money. "Banksy" is not the cause of the Inflated prices he is a result of them. More power to you Banksy, and Wooster get a clue understand the proud history of the art and Shaddup.
banksy video:



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